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It had been ten years since Roy came to New Terra. At the conclusion of the great interstellar war against the Serpent People, Roy went from being an Ace fighter pilot to a simple farmer, married to his beloved wife Katreena and father to their three beautiful children. He had discovered a happiness that he had long given up on having again in his lifetime.

However, their lives were overshadowed by a dark prophesy. 500 years in the past, Queen Deoiridh predicted not only Roy’s arrival on New Terra but warned that he would face the greatest danger yet to come. The Prophet’s Stone had shown her a path Roy must embark upon; which would lead him to find an ancient city and the heart of the landstones.

Both Roy and Katreena were prepared to stand against any foe and make any sacrifice if it meant saving their family. Yet not all challenges come from monsters and enemies. Roy must decide how to change the course of events in both the present and the past.

Available as E-book, paperback and audio book. Option for E-book varys between distributors.