The cover of The Warrior's Stone

The Warrior's Stone

"In the light of darkness silence is king."

The cover of The Last Flight of the Phoenix

The Last Flight of the Phoenix

"We are Human. We will go. We will go and keep going. We will not stop"

The cover of The Prophet's Stone

The Prophet's Stone

"Time will not be our ally. The evil that comes will not be a simple beast or monster. We must all be ready, especially you."

Lt. Rielly - 2321

New Spin-Off Series Released for Audible

Jack Reilly’s luck ran out just before the war did. Released on a medical discharge shortly after the end of the war with the Serkins, he went out into the galaxy looking for a job. Signing onto the Glacier Runner 17, an old and rundown cargo ship, Rielly finds himself working for a clueless Captain, mixed up in an intergalactic conspiracy, on the run from assassins and involved with two women in relationships that he could only call ‘complicated’.

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The author Matthew O. Duncan

About the Author

On my first date with Carleesa, she asked me what I liked to do for fun. I told her that I liked to write stories. She asked me to tell her one and as I recited the basics of one of my tales she listened with great interested and became my first real fan. A year and half later we were married.
Writing had never been a real money maker for me, more of an escape and a dream of one day having a million people love my work and seeing my stories on the big screen starring Hollywood's best. Yet life gets in the way. I had won a number of awards for writing, mostly the plays I created while in school, but opportunities to produce plays or print short stories became more difficult to pursue as we started a family and my career in business management progressed up the ladder of middle-class success.

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