Lt. Reilly and the Quantum Paradox

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Things were looking up for Jack. He and Kayla had married, were expecting their first baby and moved into a nice house on New Harmony.

Kayla was due to give birth any day, but Jack is pulled away on a case that could threaten their newfound happiness and the peace of their Alliance.

An alliance starship, believed to have been destroyed seventeen years ago during the war, has mysteriously appeared without its crew. Their investigation creates more questions than answers as it leads them to an unexplored star system where the war had never ended.

The Lt. Reilly series continues in this epic space adventure.

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The Warrior's Stone

On a planet on the brink of war, a marooned commander must choose between love and duty. But will that choice alter their destiny?

The Last Flight of the Phoenix

The war was over except for the crew of the T.S.S. Phoenix. Lost deep in enemy space, crippled, but not dead. The odds of survival were stacked against them, but they were still determined to fight their way back towards allied space.

The Prophet's Stone

Roy and Katreena were prepared to stand against any foe and make any sacrifice if it meant saving their family. Yet not all challenges come from monsters and enemies. Roy must decide how to change the course of events in both the present and the past.

Lt. Reilly 2321

Mixed-up in an intergalactic conspiracy, on the run from assassins, and involved with two women in relationships that he could only call "complicated."

Lt. Reilly and the Black Bird Offensive

Reilly thought his career in the fleet was over after being injured and discharge shortly before the end of the war. But he now finds himself back in the fleet as an investigator tasked with cleaning up the corruption from within. What he discovers will send him and Major Mitchell on a chase for the truth and back into the crossfire.

Lt. Reilly and the Phantom Raptor

Pirates had stolen the fleet's newest warship. Reilly and Mitchelle are called in to help figure out who the pirates are and what they intend to do with the deadliest ship ever built before innocent lives are lost.

Major Mitchell and the Carplex Conspiracy

Told from Mitchell’s perspective, this is a brief glimpse at her life, the choices, and tragedies that led her to who she is at that moment, and where her future may take her.

Lt. Reilly and the Tansky Gambit

Captain Rebecca Tansky is facing a court-martial. Reilly and Mitchell have to investigate why she went rogue and committed treason by violating a treaty with a planet that has the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. Reilly knows there is more than what meets the eyes, and they need to discover the truth before Tansky faces a firing squad and the Alliance is drawn into a conflict that they can not win.

The King's Stone

The final prophesy for the Commander says that he must face a trail to stand before the oncoming darkness. Neither Roy nor Katreena knew what that would be, just that it would one day happen, and it would be the moment that would change everything, for it is the last of the prophet Queen’s predictions.

5 book bundle

Bundle Pack includes
- Lt. Reilly 2321
- Lt. Reilly and the Blackbird Offensive
- Lt. Reilly and the Phantom Raptor
- Major Mitchell and the Carplex Conspiracy
- Lt. Reilly and the Tansky Gambit

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The author Matthew O. Duncan

About the Author

Matthew O. Duncan is part of the resurgence of Old School Sci-fi. His books are a mix of Military Sci-fi, Fantasy, Romance, and Mystery weaved together with non-stop action.

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